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Psychological Assessment

Gestalt Wellness Institute Southeast Asia, Inc. (GWI-SEA) is dedicated to providing cost-effective, reliable and valid academic, clinical and industrial psychometric services. we offer a custom designed psychometric solution for your individual needs.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

GWI-SEA employs Individual Counseling/ Therapy and Group Gestalt Therapy in psychotherapy and counseling. Gestalt therapy is known for its eclectic, existential and phenomenological approach which helps facilitate the clients to attain awareness, self-support, and integration in order to achieve personal growth.


GWI-SEA supports students, academicians, and researchers in their quest for new knowledge and expansion of human understanding. In line with this, we provide professional research consultations, data gathering and analytics services.


GWI-SEA is dedicated to the development of human potential and personal growth. In part of our goals to uplift human state of mind to the process of growth and development, we offer experiential and practice based training services and CPD programs.