Gestalt Wellness Institute Southeast Asia, Inc.

A member of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy: An International Community

A few things about us...


Gestalt Wellness Institute was established in March 2012 with the desire to exercise and develop gestalt therapy in the Philippines and provide holistic psychological services to a nation unfamiliar to the importance of mental health. In 2013 Gestalt Wellness Institute became Gestalt Wellness Institute Southeast Asia, Inc. (GWI-SEA) and a member of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt therapy. It expanded its services to psychotherapy, training and research. At present, the institute is engaged with various private and government agencies in providing holistic mental health and psychological assessment services.


We embrace the belief that wellness is an integrative system of optimal functioning of the mind, body, and spirit. In line with this, the Gestalt Wellness Institute derived its name from its philosophical standpoint that wellness is integrated or is a gestalt as influenced by the school of Gestalt Therapy and practice of Well-being. As such, we see that mental health is equally as important as physical health.


To provide Responsible, Quality and Holistic Mental Health Services that are affordable, convenient, and appropriate for individuals seeking for professional help.


To be the Center for Mental Health that shapes and exemplifies integrative psychological services with genuine concern for the well-being of the person through exceptional and personalized services that facilitates the growth and actualization of the individual.


We value RESPONSIBILITY as an ability to respond to the mental health and well-being needs of our stakeholders and community. In doing we so we believe that we must have INTEGRITY in the delivery of competent services and adhere to the SYNERGY of effort between clienteles and professionals in actualizing the a quality mental health services.